AGOK Editorial January 17, 2024

AGOK and Mozzart Bet: Elevating Kenyan Sports through Diverse Sponsorships

The Association of Gaming Operators – Kenya (AGOK), in collaboration with one of our prominent members, Mozzart Bet, is proud to be at the forefront of sports development in Kenya. Our commitment to sports goes beyond mere participation; we are actively involved in nurturing and promoting various sports disciplines across the nation.


Mozzart Bet, as a member of AGOK, has been instrumental in supporting a wide range of sports activities, showcasing our collective dedication to the growth and development of sports in Kenya. Here are some of the key sponsorships and initiatives:

  1. Chemususu Dam Half Marathon: Mozzart Bet’s involvement in this event highlights our commitment to athletics, encouraging local talent and promoting health and fitness.

  2. Harambee Stars: Supporting the national football team, Mozzart Bet has played a significant role in uplifting the standards and morale of our players.

  3. Hockey Sponsorship: By backing one of Kenya’s less highlighted sports, Mozzart Bet is helping to diversify the sports culture in the country.

  4. Kakamega Homeboyz: This sponsorship deal with a top-tier Kenyan football club exemplifies our dedication to the local football scene.

  5. Malkia Strikers: Supporting the national women’s volleyball team, Mozzart Bet is empowering women in sports and promoting gender equality.

  6. Nandi Road Race: Another testament to our support for athletics, this event fosters local talent and community participation.

  7. Oboya Cup: This football tournament is a platform for nurturing grassroots talent and promoting sportsmanship among the youth.

  8. Oliech Cup: Named after the legendary Kenyan footballer, this tournament is a beacon of inspiration for aspiring footballers.

  9. Rally Sponsorship: Mozzart Bet’s involvement in motorsport adds a thrilling dimension to our sports sponsorship portfolio.

  10. Sholei Cup: This event further emphasises our commitment to grassroots football and community engagement.

Through these diverse sponsorships, AGOK and Mozzart Bet are not just promoting sports but are also investing in the youth, encouraging healthy lifestyles, and contributing to the socio-economic development of Kenya. We are proud to be part of these initiatives and remain committed to the growth of sports in our country.

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